The education of 286 Mn Children has been affected due to COVID.


The education of 286 Mn Children has been affected due to COVID.
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The Crisis

Just when the children were supposed to get back to schools and restart learning, the fear of the new variant - Omicron, has put a halt to it once again.

For the first time in history, an entire generation had their education disrupted due to the pandemic, which has impacted the marginalized children, the hardest. They are at risk of being pushed into poverty or forced to work as their families struggle to survive.

168 million children are facing learning losses that will lead to:
  • less access to higher education
  • lower future incomes
  • increasing unemployment
This is the COVID Education Crisis.


Children Out Of School

Helping Today

Here’s how we can help mitigate this crisis:

Creating impact across:

  • 809 Children
  • 13 Shelter Homes, 5 Community Centres, 8 Villages
  • Presence in Mumbai, Latur, Ranchi
  • 1050 learning hours per child in a year


Access to the portal will let you track the child’s progress and see the impact created by your contribution, ensuring it doesn’t only end at donation wherein you can see real-time impact created on a continuous basis.


Your donation is eligible for tax exemption under 80G. Upon successful donation, you will receive a tax exemption receipt on your registered email ID you used to donate along with your receipt number.


Impact of this unprecedented education loss due to the COVID Education crisis will be seen in the years to come when children will drop out of school completely, leading to unemployment and subsequently poverty.